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National Security Threat: Backdoors Manufactured into Computer Processors

Below you will find a letter template which you can copy and send to your local MP.

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Dear _______,


I am contacting you today out of concern over a matter regarding technology abuses in Israel and how it is a potential serious national security risk for the United Kingdom.


You may be aware that in November 2021 we signed a Memorandum of Understanding elevating Israel to a strategic partner giving them tier 1 cyber privileges making ties between the two countries ‘stronger than ever’ according to the UK Government website.


Israel does not have an independent supreme court giving the Prime Minister enormous influence in appointing judges and in July this year (2023) made a new bill that can block any decision by a judge to rule any laws or decisions unreasonable.


Additionally every Prime Minister of Israel since 1996 has been found guilty of corruption, the combination of this and the points listed above are extremely worrying.

Considering Benjamin Netanyahu is up for 2000 charges of corruption – bribery, fraud, and breach of trust; maybe it would be a wise decision to put the brakes on giving Israel all the keys to the United Kingdom’s sensitive information and secrets.


This fact alone is troubling enough but more so is that since 2008 Intel (now based in Israel) has been producing their processor chips with a backdoor that can bypass all security settings compromising around 90% of the worlds servers and computers.


Israel is populated by over a million Soviet Russian immigrants who have risen to prominent positions in all areas especially politics, in fact all of Israel’s Prime Ministers have had Soviet backgrounds, the two countries have always been very close and Russia has effectively had backdoor access to the West through Israel since at least the 1960’s.

There was the scandal with NSO group where Israeli made spyware was sold to terrorists, cartels and other groups of ill intent. There has been massive election meddling by Israeli spyware firms, even helping Dictators in order to help take freedom away from people and subvert any chances of democracy.


According to the NSA, the Israeli intelligence service is ranked the 3rd most aggressive in the world next to Russia and China and there is a long history of Israeli espionage and abuses of power such as cases of theft of technology from the United States and selling it to China


There is also collaboration with China and Russia on the Belt and Road Initiative which poses a threat to Western countries by seeking control of the World trading blocks putting a communist country in the seat of power.


I am aware of the National Security and Investment Act but it doesn’t cover the scope of these issues and below are some documents detailing what I have covered in this letter more thoroughly. It would be very much appreciated if you can please read through these and provide me with an explanation as to why the United Kingdom has seemingly done nothing to protect its citizens from this, and has even given more privilege now to a country having barely any checks and balances, with a historical record of theft and abuse of power being run by a corrupt Prime Minister.


Just to be clear I am not anti-Israel or pro-Palestine, the events that have taken place in Israel are a tragedy, what I am raising with you today is not in connection to this or with a nefarious anti-semitic agenda. I am a concerned citizen who values our safety as a country and would be interested in cooperating with you further on this issue.


Links to the documents:


Industrial Zionism:


Security Flaws and National Security Risks Briefing Document:


Policy Brief:


How Israel Backdoored Everything:


Kind regards,



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