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The Great Awakening?

Infowars and many other alternative sites are pushing the premier of Mikki Willis' new film The Great Awakening. He is the one that also created the Plandemic films. But while all these films seem to be on the right side, I warn you once again they are not what they seem. Yes, the message now is mostly correct, but there is something else going on here, and we will try to figure out what that is.

June 5 2023 by Miles Mathis

The first thing we notice is that Willis builds his film around G. Edward Griffin. Griffin's film from 50 years ago is shown extensively, and it should put everyone on alert. Griffin, now 91, also appears in the film in the present looking about 71, which may indicate he has taken great care of himself or it may indicate editing. The film is heavily edited in that way, so we don't know. Willis pastes himself into some old films, so all the technology is being used here. That in itself is a red flag, since we have never been told exactly who is behind Willis. It has to be a very powerful and wealthy entity, since he could not have done all these films on his own. He is an ex-model now on PEDs, looking way too slick, so there is lot of mystery even there. But back to Griffin. Griffin is a clue to who is behind Willis, since all we have to do is go to Wikipedia for a lot of quality information. And why would I want to question Griffin here, since he is saying many of the right things? Well, because his whole

“Communists are behind it all” sounds very familiar. Willis has colorized the old film of Griffin, but in its original black and white it looks and sounds eerily like Joseph McCarthy and his red scare. Those of us old enough remember this has all been done before. “All your problems are due to Communists.”

Back then it was Russia and now it mostly China. But its the same old government wag-the-dog schtick. They propagandize you while appearing to oppose propaganda.

Griffin is mainly an actor himself, having been in the media since he was ten. He was a child voice actor from 1942. He was Army then worked for the Wallace campaign in 1968. So, like Alex Jones and these other people, he comes from the right side of American politics: not a revolutionary of any kind. A G-man from the start. So when he claimed to become a conspiracy theorist in the 1970s, everyone should have been VERY suspicious. Especially since they admit his books were published by the John Birch Society. Yes, JBS has turned out to be right about a lot of things, including fluoride, but that doesn't make them good guys.

Even worse, Griffin was closely linked to Maj. Gen. John Singlaub, OSS and founding member of the CIA. Also to British peer and major spook John Rees. You will recognize that name from my paper on Princess Diana, since the central character there is a Rees. John Rees allegedly became the lover of Grace Metalious, author of Peyton Place, which is a big joke since that book was written from Langley like most of the rest.

As you see, she was not someone a British peer rushes over the pond to boink. Like Harper Lee she was a one-hit wonder who came out of nowhere and then disappeared. Conveniently, she allegedly died broke just a year after meeting Rees. The usual. Even Wiki admits Rees was a spook, since he was a police informant in Newark in the mid-60s. He then went undercover in Chicago for the House Un-American Activities Committee, giving testimony on many of those he had spied on. So my linking Griffin to McCarthy was not such a stretch, was it? Rees' connection to Metalious should always have signaled that she too was a project, and now it does.


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