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Astrophysicist Warns ‘New Ice Age Has Begun’ Due To Reduced Solar Activity

Due to changing solar activity, the Earth is heading into a new Little Ice Age, according to Northumbria University astrophysicist Prof. Valentina Zharkova, Newcastle, Great Britain.

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“There’s nothing we can do about it.”

This was reported by German online Report 24 last week.

“This is due to the changing solar activity, she explains. Only uneducated people could call for a reduction in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,” according to Report 24 here.

As the media is full of reports about record temperatures, the elevated readings likely have a lot to do with thermometers being placed increasingly in urban heat-absorbing areas. The recent warming has very little to do with carbon dioxide.

“CO2 is not our enemy,” says Professor Zharkova, who was born and educated in Ukraine.

We … have a CO2 deficiency in the world, and it is three to four times lower than the plants would like,” says Zharkova. In geological terms, over the last 140 million years, CO2 in the atmosphere has been at near-record low levels.

140 million years ago, it was estimated at 2,500 ppm, or about six times higher. And this also meant a greener and more biodiverse world, according to the professor,” writes Report 24.

“We don’t need to remove CO2 because we would need more of it. It’s food for plants to produce oxygen for us. The people who say CO2 is bad are obviously not very good at universities or wherever they study.

“Only uneducated people can come up with such absurd talk that CO2 should be removed from the air,” Professor Zharkova tells Report 24.

Scharkova estimates the Earth’s average temperature will fall by one degree Celsius over the next 30 years and not rise. She says that the sun’s lower solar activity will lead to cooling.

Report 24 quotes Zharkova:

“I only feel sympathy for the people who have invested in solar systems,” says the professor. “During the Maunder Minimum, there were years when there was no summer at all – there was a brief spring, then fall, then winter again. And if there’s snow on your solar panels or the sky is cloudy, they’re useless.

“Whatever we do on Earth, we can’t change the orbit of the sun and the big planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus,” she explains. “There’s nothing we can do about it.”

Read the entire article (German) in Report 24.

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27th April 2024


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