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Telegram The Trojan

It would have been difficult to have gone through the last couple of weeks and not have heard someone mention the recent Tucker Carlson interview of Telegram Messenger founder Pavel Durov.i

In their discussion Pavel makes an assortment of claims about Telegram, sugar-coating it as a free speech utopia sighting that it is a favourite platform for dissidents but he did not mention that it is also a favourite go to for drug dealersii, pedophilesiii, predatorsiv and even ISISv.



An Alternative Climate Change Perspective

Quite a common phrase you hear in regards to climate change and man made global warming is, “The science is settled” however this is a complete fallacy, science is never settled by its nature and is always being contradicted by new evidence so it is more of an ongoing pursuit of truth which is never settled and always open to new information that might potentially alter the foundations of current interpretations.

This is not the reason why that phrase is used in this particular circumstance, it is to reinforce a talking point and idea in people that there is no alternative debate or possible theory that might disprove the ‘science’ that humans are destroying the planet through c02 production, frequently the news will state, “All scientists agree on climate change” and similar outlandish lies.


Warning to the Farmer Protestors

This article is dedicated to the brave farmers opposing the ruthless asset stripping operation also known as Agenda 2030. One of the main concerns for this emerging rebellion of is controlled opposition leading the movement nowhere or in to a new system that is far worse and beyond reform than the current one.

For example look at the Dutch farmers protests which resulted in the political party BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB) founded by Caroline Van der Plas, Wim Groot Koerkamp and Henk Vermeer. Henk Vermeer runs a marketing firm ReMarkable is employed by Bayer-Monsanto and other agriculture chemical giants.

So far all we have really seen emerge from this new political party is the prevention of a ban on Bayer-Monsanto's glyphosate fertilizer. Also worth noting; BBB has received over 200,000 Euros in illegal donations from ReMarkable.



Anatoliy Golitsyn: The Key to Understanding Today’s World Situation

"He understands Soviet strategy because he knows that it’s based on the thinking of Lenin [1870 – 1924; left]. He studied Lenin. Now, one of the things that I’ve done in the last few years is to go back to Lenin and try to read and understand what this evil man is saying. He’s actually preaching hatred. He is preaching how to deceive, and he is teaching us how to deceive. And Lenin’s disciples remain in control of the world communist movement."

- The Contemplative Observer


Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 15.15.55.png

Cambridge Analytica

"The tactics they use are remarkably similar to those already exposed as being part of GCHQ or Pentagon social media and online manipulation programs which is troubling to say the least. Robert Mercer, the main financier of Cambridge Analytica was also the main financier of the Trump campaign and the main financier of Breitbart, the right wing media organisation. I suggested that he was attempting to use Trump as his way to gain influence on a governmental level and to use his media outlets to promote far right propaganda disguised as alternative/conspiracy media in order to normalise views that would normally be dismissed as elitist by the public."

- Neil Sanders

NeilSandersMindControl blog

About the “S” Word: A Polemic

"Another anniversary of the 1991 putsch against Gorbachev and our liberation from it. About 800 people went to a celebration organized by the Free Russia Party. I felt no inclination to stop as I drove past the meeting. There is no freedom, so what is there to celebrate? The years since then have been spent bringing back what we had before, only now in an even more twisted form."

- Anna Politkovskaya

J.R. Nyquist Blog

S word
rock paper scissors

Russian and Chinese Strategy: Rock, Paper, Nukes

"…the coordinated duality of Soviet and Chinese policies offers a number of advantages for communist strategy. It enables the communist bloc to retain the initiative, to open up new possibilities for maneuver, and to induce erroneous responses from its opponents. Where there are conflicts in the outside world, it enables the two communist partners, by taking opposite sides, to strengthen communist influence simultaneously over both parties to the dispute.”

- Anatoly Golitsyn

J.R. Nyquist Blog

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