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Subversion of the West


New World Cyber Order

Are Israel the centre of operations for the 4th Industrial Revolution/Great Reset Smart City program?

Israel are the world’s research and development centre for all things Smart City, Health, Food, Financial and Climate technology. Through their startup companies they now control most of the world’s critical infrastructure from telecommunications and water management to Whatsapp messaging service and Microsoft Windows ran by graduates of the Israel Special Force’s Unit 8200 and other military intelligence personnel.


RAD group is an Israeli umbrella company founded in 1981 by Zohar Zisapel considered to be a ‘founding father’ of Israels success as a technology powerhouse.


They function as a service and solutions provider for telecommunications such as British Telecom, France Telecom, Deutsch Telecom, Japan Telecom Orange, AT&T and also design networking components like routers, firewalls and switches.


RAD group has been functioning as a primary facilitator the sweeping take over of our cyber and communications network architecture even being a part of the development process for the transport and network layers of the very fabric of the internet.


Verint are an Israeli data mining and intelligence company, selected to provide solutions for Government and Police services in the UK and other Western countries, and have a record of selling software to regimes committing human rights violations unethical practices against dissidents.


Known for their lifelong commitment to the Israeli State – Unit 8200 are the largest sector of the Israel Defense Force, they are the equivalent to the National Security Agency (NSA) in America specializing in clandestine intelligence operations, hacking and surveillance and are ranked the 3rd most aggressive Cyber Power only surpassed by Russia and China according to a CIA-led National Intelligence Estimate on cyber threats in 2013.


Last year The World Health Organization announced the opening of a ‘digital health centre’ (Sept 2022) focussed on bringing Israeli med-tech innovation to ‘every corner of the world’ 

“Israel is home to countless trailblazing med-tech and health-tech start-ups, pushing the bounds of human imagination. Together with European and international institutions, we can develop the breakthroughs that will enable people to live healthier and longer lives,” Herzog said. “In this vein, I am happy to announce that Israel will be working with the WHO to establish a cutting-edge center for digital health, bringing top-quality and innovative care to every corner of the world.”

COVID-19 seemed to benefit Israeli companies giving their start-ups new ground and even being reported as a ‘catalyst for changes that would have taken years otherwise’

Creeping Technocracy

The UK Tech Hub is a collaboration between the UK and Israel to facilitate the transfer of tech contracts to Israeli startup companies – but being governed by ex-military intelligence operatives for Israel, this PressTV article interviewing academic David Miller explains:

“The UK Israel Tech Hub is based in the British Embassy in the occupied Palestine and is funded directly by the British taxpayer.

The organization, committed to Israel's economic and tech interests, receives its financial resources through the British Foreign Office along with departments for Trade and Media.

The UK Israel Tech Hub, Miller said, is there to encourage integration between the tech industry in the UK and Israel, which is already happening and “on many occasions, we are seeing a penetration essentially into the very fabric of British governance by operatives of the Zionist regime.”

“A large number of people have gone straight from working for the Zionist entity into effectively working for the British taxpayer,” Miller said.

Indeed, when glancing at the employees of this organization who sit inside the British Embassy, the picture of state capture becomes clearer.

Haim Shani, the chairman of the UK Israel Tech Hub, previously served as director general of the Israeli ministry of finance. The director of this suspicious organization is Keren Shurkin, who started in the liaison department of the Israeli military.

The deputy director of the UK Israel Tech Hub is Ella Caplan, who claims to have been directly behind all interactions between a specific foreign army and the Israel military during her time in the liaison department.

Avital Levitsky went from working in Israeli military intelligence to the cyber security sector lead at the UK Israel Tech Hub in the British Embassy. And the list goes on.”

“Miller also added that the tech contracts between the UK and the Zionist regime are being used simply as a sort of data grab for the Israeli intelligence, citing Benjamin Netanyahu’s previous efforts to send people from Israeli intelligence organizations, in particular the signals intelligence Unit 8200, into the tech startups.

“These are people who are intended by the regime to carry the interests of Israel into the startups that they are engaged in,” he said.”

Israel has recently been in the news over the NSO Pegasus Spyware scandal uncovering worldwide abuse of hacking software designed and marketed by their NSO cybersecurity group – sold to known terrorists, hostile countries and dictatorships such as Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Russia but interestly refused the sale of this technology to Ukraine back in 2019 to avoid ‘angering Moscow’.



The reality is this is the tip of the iceberg and Pegasus is a toy in comparison to the much more powerful cyber weapons Israel has in its arsenal.


Another layer of Israeli penetration is in the hardware of computer chips, at the Black Hat Conference 2018 in Las Vegas a reverse engineering specialist Christopher Domas shared his discovery of a hardware backdoor manufactured into the Intel X86 processor chip allowing full root access of the machine via the a miniature UNIX based operating system – This was originally designed and manufactured in Israel and is now made into all other chips referred to as the ‘Intel Management Engine’


Intel has moved most of it’s manufacturing to Israel and it continues to expand recently investing 25 billion in its Israeli R&D centre; Qualcomm Snapdragon uses Israel to develop their chips too which are used in iPhone and other modern smartphone devices.

Windows which is used everywhere in the world (around 90% of computers) is core coded in Israel and they also maintain and develop the security updates, Azure cloud and Microsoft Anti-Virus software.


Bad Reputation

There have been many cases of espionage surface over the last 30 years which show just how deep the penetration of Israeli agents goes and  how vast this network is.

Read the excerpt from the following article by NewsWeek -

"Israel's espionage activities in America are unrivaled and unseemly, counterspies have told members of the House Judiciary and Foreign Affairs committees, going far beyond activities by other close allies, such as Germany, France, the U.K. and Japan. A congressional staffer familiar with a briefing last January called the testimony "very sobering…alarming…even terrifying." Another staffer called it "damaging."

The Jewish state's primary target: America's industrial and technical secrets.

"No other country close to the United States continues to cross the line on espionage like the Israelis do," said a former congressional staffer who attended another classified briefing in late 2013, one of several in recent months given by officials from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the State Department, the FBI and the National Counterintelligence Directorate."

Also worth noting is Israel in the last 5 decades has been populated by over a million Soviet Russian’s including KGB assets and have ‘transformed’ the country’ (Israel has only a population of around 8 million people roughly the same as New York City)

Taken from an article wrote by The Guardian:

The million-plus citizens of the former Soviet Union who migrated to Israel in the past 20 years have not only made new lives of their own but they have transformed their adopted country. They have influenced the culture, hi-tech industry, language, education and, perhaps most significantly, Israeli politics.

Jews in the former Soviet Union were largely banned from making aliya – migrating to Israel – before the collapse of the empire. But from 1990 onwards they came in their thousands, and they now constitute around 15% of Israel's 7.7 million population.

Strictly speaking not all of them are Jewish. In traditional Judaism only someone whose mother is Jewish or who has undergone a formal conversion to Judaism is a Jew. But from 1990 anyone from the former Soviet Union who had a Jewish father or grandparent, or who was married to someone meeting those criteria, was granted Israeli citizenship under the country's law of return.

According to Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics around 30% of immigrants from the former Soviet Union in the 1990s were not Jews or not considered Jewish under Orthodox law. In 2005 that figure leapt to 59%. Only around 5% of the non-Jews have converted.

See this quote from The KGB’s Middle East Files which is a 5 part deep dive into the history of KGB infiltration of Israel going right back to the 1950’s:

"The Soviet Union voted in favor of the establishment of Israel in the hopes that the young country would become pro-Soviet," confirms former KGB general Oleg Kalugin. "When that hope was dashed and Israel developed good ties with the West, it became a very important target for infiltration."

You may know about the case of Johnathan Pollard who was a U.S naval officer famous for the ‘biggest espionage leak in history’ he was a spy for Israel and it’s reported that a former CIA station chief in the Middle East said that, “Certain elements in the Israeli military had used Pollard’s material ‘to trade for people they wanted to get out’ of the Soviet Union including Jewish nuclear and missile scientists.”

This migration of people from the Soviet Union, is one of the reasons the bond between Russia and Israel is so strong and they have been collaborating together with China on The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) which plans to redefine the power structure having Israel, Russia and China at the centre of control over the world trading blocks with Israel being the information centre for this New World Order.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s father Robert Maxwell was an ‘Israeli Superspy’ for the Mossad and there is good reason to believe the whole Epstein sexual blackmail operation was linked to Israeli intelligence operatives.

Kay Griggs ex-wife of Col. George Griggs who was head of Special Operations at NATO at the time in a 7 hour interview (recorded in 1998) produces an abundance of information regarding corruption at the highest levels of the military and governments coordinated by Israeli operatives and how they run drug trafficking, money laundering and sexual blackmail operations.

Here is a quote from the interview:

“The Israeli agents are the middle men, and all the money is going to Israel. It really is the truth, not just the money that is given to them free and clear but all the black budget money that Meyer Lansky’s group started back in the 1940’s has been growing and growing. It’s like a pyramid scheme, and the Jesuits I’ve been told are really controlled by this group now...”

Watch the full interview here

A Banking Family Production

One of the most well known crimes of Israel is the occupation of Palestine which highlights the hypocrisy of it being a salvation for Jewish people when its very existence is based on apartheid and domination of the Arabs who lived there before, they have been subjected to 75+ years of oppression, genocide and being guinea pigs for weaponry of all varieties which then enters the market for sale in other countries being touted as ‘battle tested’ even though it has been identified that the videos to advertise many of these weapons systems were filmed demonstrating on civilians.


Israel is a part creation of the Rothschild banking family (via the Balflour Declaration ) and is to be placed at the centre of control of the world (which is happening now via the transfer of technology manufacturing and research and development.) Read the Oded Yinon Plan and check out the Bunting Clover Leaf Map


Also read John Coleman’s brilliant Committee of 300 which goes into details of how the bankers fund the foundation systems and philanthropic groups through The City of London and East India Trading Company a British founded group of elite banking families who derived their wealth in large from cotton, opium and general theft of other countries resources.


An important video to watch of how bankers have subverted the West is the interview by G. Edward Griffin of Norman Dodd who was the congressional Director of Research for the Reece Committee 1953-54. Norman conducted an investigation into tax-exempt foundations: Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie and others. It revealed a merging between the Soviet Union and the United States and how foundation systems used grants to subject the population of America to socialist propaganda, took control of the media channels and education also got into congress to shape policy towards their own agendas. (Agenda 21)

Watch the interview here


Make no mistake – this is not a Jewish conspiracy it is an elite banking family run operation, Royal Institute for International Affairs, Club of Rome, Fortune 100, Freemasons etc, the Jewish people are being used as pawns just like in China and Russia and the UK: the lower levels of operation are told very little, blackmailed, paid off and are groomed from a young age to serve their elites – however being human there is only so much which can be expected of them to serve a total tyrannical domination of the world which is why they need the AI revolution to replace the managerial class and give birth to a new socialist system. The ruling class are all socialists and have been using the Fabian Society to take over governments and institutions and further their plan for communist rule of the world.


Heinrich Bunting was a German Protestant pastor, theologist and cartographer, and in his masterpiece Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae (Travel Through Holy Scripture) in 1581, he portrayed the world that mattered was comprised of the three continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa, with each depicted as a cloverleaf. They converged in Jerusalem, and the rest of the world was irrelevant.

In his article entitled “The History of What’s Next”, Bodansky argued that the Bunting map is likely the best depiction of the unfolding global geopolitical architecture of the 21st century. With the demise of the Arab modern state and Sykes-Picot post-Arab Spring, “Libya, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon are no more, and Jordan and Yemen are not far behind.”

The take over of the high technology sectors by Israel in the West and the very close friendship with China and Russia with their perpetual criminality should be a total deterrent for anyone looking to enlist them as a trusted bilateral cyber partner, but Western leaders apparently believe the contrary: that Israel should be welcomed with open arms and trusted with keys to every door and window in the house.

The Israel Lobby is so powerful they have the ability to guide outcomes through paying people off or blackmail and have been doing this for it’s entire history. It is difficult to say just how many of our Politicians do actually agree with what is happening because they may fear the potential repercussions might happen to them but the reason many of the people are in places of power today is to carry out the New Global Order and benefit from the corrupt deals and weapons sales to Israel – with unlimited money and resources the banks and foundation systems have churned out millions of operatives to serve their nefarious agenda.

Alternative Media Malfeasance

The ‘freedom fighting’ alternative media did not overlook these things: it’s not talked about intentionally as many of them have connections to foreign intelligence and are there to assist the further polarization (and ultimately destruction) of Western nations through fabricated issues and influential, charismatic characters such as Alex Jones, Tommy Robinson or Tucker Carlson, who all show their support for Russia and the break up of the United States.

Tucker Carlson is part of a wealthy American family and lives among  elites. He went to a prestigious Swiss boarding school and later the Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. His uncle was William J Fulbright who was one of the individuals responsible for signing America on to the United Nations in September 1943 and there is no end to these links in all of the big ‘alternative media’ channels.

Another reason you see so many ‘hero’s’ in the alternative media is money – COVID has became a cash cow for people using fear and selling products to suit their narratives but are unwilling to get involved politically or fund others to get the work done it is a purely self-serving endeavour in these cases.

Italy's Giorgia Meloni has been busy making ties with Israel and has pushed for a 'quantum leap' in Israel-Italy relations. Ironically Meloni has also been a figure sighted by many in the alt-media world to be an inspiration, pushing back against the 'evil globalist agenda' and COVID, but at the same time feeding Israels greedy appetite for tech contracts in infrastructure and cyber space - selling out Italy to the very monster she claims to be an enemy of.


With Israel’s vampirical take over of the cyber and technology world, history of blackmail and subversion, relationships with hostile countries, willingness to violate human rights, being the brain behind the Smart City’s AND a driving force in projects that totally undermine the continued functionality of the West you would expect it would be scrutinized more.

We live in a world ran by data analytics and computing, allowing Israel to be the administrator of this data and Internet of Things future rapidly emerging is giving them the ability to subvert Western countries theoretically with a button press (or a simple threat of one.)

Did the Alt-Media miss this total take over of technology, pioneering of the Agenda 21 Smart City Program and Med-tech revolution? Or is it more likely they are diverting you away from the truth just for long enough for the managerial class to be made obsolete while everyone is fighting over Left – Right, East – West dialectics.

Nothing is ever black and white, while much of this information raises more questions than answers one thing that is a fact is the state is only as powerful as the people who prop it up so if we are to Act for our Freedom now and start lobbying against what is happening we can in time take control and unlock the restraints that keep us on the track to death by Agenda 21 Smart Cities and guide our own destiny.


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