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Food tech proves a tasty match for the UK and Israel

A selection of Israeli companies were in London last week to showcase their innovations to industry figures as part of a first Israeli Embassy UK food tech delegation

A company that creates meals out of waste and another that helps fruit and vegetables retain their nutrients for longer were among the Israeli startups selected to showcase their solutions in London last week.

The ten companies, specialising in different areas of food technology, were part of a first-of-its-kind delegation organised by the Israeli Export Institute, Israeli Embassy London, British Embassy in Israel and Good Food Institute.

They met leading British retailers during the three-day event as well as food tech investors and took part in a networking reception with chefs, food bloggers and industry stakeholders.

Among those showcasing their innovations were ANINA Culinary Art, which upcycles food waste into food pods of RTC (ready-to-cook) meals, YOFIX Probiotics, a developer of dairy alternative products, using a proprietary zero-waste technology and leading Israeli company, Aleph Farms, which is developing new ways to grow quality animal products that improve sustainability, food security and animal welfare in food systems. Aleph Farms recently unveiled the world’s first cultivated thin-cut steak.

The Israeli Ambassador to the UK, HE Tzipi Hotovely, who hosted the event at the Israeli Embassy in London, said: “Given the challenges we face in Israel at this difficult time, we are so proud to showcase, and celebrate, the innovation coming out of Israel – proudly hosting a delegation from Israel to demonstrate the latest breakthroughs in the world of food science.

“The incredible food tech event hosted at the Embassy of Israel in London, demonstrated the very best of Israel’s ground-breaking research and ingenuity – helping to build a healthier, tastier and more sustainable world.

“The delegation is a culmination of all the hard work by our excellent Trade Attache Ofer Fohrer and his team in facilitating inspiring cross-border collaborations between the UK and Israel, and between the Governmental sector and the industry, including the UK Embassy in Tel-Aviv, the Israel Export Institute and the Good Food Institute in Israel.

“This brilliant collaboration exemplifies the truly exciting opportunities that lie ahead for further UK-Israel partnerships as we work towards a Free Trade Agreement between our two nations. I look forward to seeing what the future holds.”

Hadar Huberman, Clean Growth Sector Lead UK Israel Tech Hub |  British Embassy Israel, said: “Last week we had the honour of bringing ten innovative, diverse and market ready foodtech startups to London, in the first ever Israeli delegation to the UK in the sector.

“The companies were accepted with great enthusiasm by the top of UK retailers & investors, who were impressed by the level of creativity and the wide variety of sustainable, healthy products to the food industry.

We at the British Embassy in Israel see the food sector as a great area for economic growth between the UK and Israel. The overall advancement of the UK food industry and food services in adopting sustainable solutions for healthier consumption of their consumers, meets a bubbling foodtech innovation ecosystem in Israel, that is looking at the UK as a market to scale to.

The market fit is there – we hope to hear in the near future of exciting new partnerships.”

The Companies showcasing their solutions:

ANINA Culinary Art: the company has unique technology for upcycling food waste into delicious food pods of RTC (ready-to-cook) meals.

Supree™️: develops innovative fruit and vegetable varieties designed to be naturally dried, preserve a high content of vitamins and nutrients, ensuring excellent taste and extended shelf life

YOFIX Probiotics: develops and products dairy alternative products, using a proprietary zero-waste technology.

Melt & Jet: Innovative technology combining freeze-dried fruits with dietary supplements. Melt & Jet’s functional formulas consist of functional fruits and vegetables that retain 98 per cent of their core nutrients in a proprietary freeze-dried process, as well as with high-grade nutraceuticals and vitamins.

JOMO Chocolate: sugar free dairy free chocolate products. Developed sweetening solution – SugarNESS, and it is the sweetening technology in JOMO products.

Alfred’s Food Tech: producing a variety of extremely high-quality plant-based products, with focus on hard cheese and cold cuts.

Torr Foodtech: introduces an innovative iWeld™️ technology that eliminates the use of added sugar, artificial sweeteners, or dates resulting in minimally processed, authentic, eco-friendly, sweet & savoury snacks

GreenOnyx: AgriFood-Tech company that develops modular and autonomous growing units for the sterile cultivation of water lentils.

Capsoil: Discover the future of oil-based solutions: revolutionsing industries through our groundbreaking nanometric powder technology

April 16th 2024


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