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Mossad’s Soviet girls for kompromat

June 2023

The C.I.A., the Ambassador and the Pregnant Woman

On a cool day in early November, Jocelyne Beaini was called to the posh Phoenicia hotel in downtown Beirut by her friend Stephanie Ralph, a CIA operative who lives in Kuwait. They both sat on the terrace overlooking the tumultuous scene above the crater caused by the powerful explosion that took the life of Rafiq Hariri, lord of the warlords that destroyed Lebanon and whose family and friends destroyed its economy.

Jocelyne expected a serious discussion as both women were to be joined by a Kuwaiti prince and a certain Tahlaoui, a high ranking military man representing the Saudi Defense Ministry.

There was apparent urgency to that meeting including Saudi Princes Bandar, Sultan, Faisal, and others, plus Kuwaiti Emirs who were aware of the public relations disaster on the horizon for both the Islamic and Christian worlds.

More and more evidence was surfacing that the sleazy emirs and kings had sold out the Palestinian cause and people in order to keep their thrones at the same time that they had sided with international Zionism to uproot the Christians in the Middle East whom they constantly accuse of being the instrument that keeps bringing Western democracies and bullies into their crystal shop. Events in Iraq and Lebanon are proving by the day that cooperation between the two Gulf countries and Israel are the cause of the quagmire and the slaughter of U.S. boys in Iraq.

On the agenda of the day: get rid of a witness whose struggle against those evils proved that the CIA was not innocent and watching this anti-democratic tragedy and even, at times, participating, if not engineering it, and ready to sell their positions and intelligence access for gold and money.

The witness in question was eager to father children for he had lost his six previous ones in all these machinations and struggles. The reports that were coming through agents who infiltrated the Masonic lodges of the District of Columbia where the witness acquired a 32nd degree as a Master Mason meticulously described his pain. His fatherly instincts were his weakness and exposed his vulnerable side. Jocelyne Beaine, who was planted as his maid, was told of their plan. In a few days, 19 year old Ganna Pylypenko would arrive in Lebanon from Ukraine to work as a dancer and would be introduced to the witness and have intercourse with him. The witness would be told by Beaine that the Ukrainian woman had fallen in love with him, that she was tired of the night life, that she wanted to start a family that would offer the opportunity to start a new life for him with a wife and children. With the help of the Kiev mafia, she was artificially inseminated at the last minute. All this had to be organized before immigration authorities in Lebanon detected the pregnancy whose test is a requirement for any females who work in night clubs there.

Through either pure bad luck or a mysterious intelligence tip, the Lebanese authorities postponed the physical examination, but through advanced testing techniques discovered that the artist was indeed pregnant. She was quarantined for ten days then deported.

To Jew Or Not to Jew?

When Jocelyne Beaini decided to tell her story to her victim-witness, she started by reading the confessions of her predecessor Melissa Carlson. She found many similarities, but with much more violence. When she was four years old, Lebanon experienced an Israeli invasion and their subsequent hold on all the Christian regions and cities. Making it a top priority, the Israelis soon started to recruit agents and used the Lebanese forces, Saudi intelligence, Lebanese personnel, business executives working in Saudi Arabia, Lebanese military forces and other warlords, plus the tobacco and hashish mafias and anyone in Lebanon who was in need of money. Jocelyne’s mother, Jamal, apparently did not heed their warnings at first to join their organization after the murder of her husband, Ibrahim, the father of Jocelyne, a decision that caused Jocelyne to lose the use of her left leg after being brutally maimed by unknown assailants who made it clear that her right leg would follow. Mom then had to acquiesce and disappeared, leaving her three infants behind.

According to Jocelyne , she was raised by her grandmother in the village of Kartaba while the Catholic nuns at Bhannes Hospital tried desperately to save her leg with pain killers and therapy. She did not see her mother for years and she never went to school. Being vague and amnesiac, she does not remember anything from her younger years until she found herself living with a Druze family on the Golan heights. When she reached her teens, she went into training as a total submissive. She would be beaten for any little infraction and put up against the wall for hours regardless of her leg pain.

Her handlers, mostly Lebanese working for the Israelis, would subject her to rape and many other humiliations. They tried different sexual positions and perversions on her until she felt that sleeping with a man of a different age, color, filth, and smell was as normal as having a cup of tea. She remembered the never ending scenes of sodomy and fellatio when different men would enter and leave the room in which she was tied or partially tied. She was trained in housekeeping, washing, and ironing until she became a perfect maid because eventually she would take over where her predecessor had left off after Carlson, under Israeli orders, subverted US Middle East peace efforts and disappeared with the files of the board members of the White House BUILDERS FOR PEACE.

At the age of 22, she was ready to be put on to that same witness whose expertise and experiences prove that the cooperation between Saudi, Kuwaiti, Turkish and Israeli intelligence is the hard core of international terrorism and that they are behind all the ills that the West is enduring.

Emile Henoud, the Lebanese-Israeli handler of Melissa Carlson who is now in hiding, offered to plant Jocelyne at the shop of his cousin Sam Henoud (who has US citizenship) in the town of Jounieh, a place that was very receptive to the Israeli invasion. Successfully using that trap, she easily became involved in the life of the witness who was in need of a maid. In a few months, she became intimate with the witness and confided to him her desire to seek revenge for the murder of her father and her years of sufferings at the hands of her handlers.

Jocelyne was not shy about her desire to leave the group, but was nevertheless fearful. She talked to the witness about their power and their hold on the Christian territory. There, there is the big deal maker and billionaire entrepreneur Georges Frem, a former MP and government minister, and a close friend to Rafic Hariri. Both of them died recently, but left behind scores of money lovers and ass kissers ready to carry out any order given by Saudi partners. She would go to meetings where Mansour el Bon, Farid el Khazen, Samir el Khazen, and notables from different influential families like the Gemayels, the Chihas, Sfeirs, Geagea, and others all asked her different questions about the American witness and whether he had any contact with the FBI or Interpol. They would put her in contact with owners of night spots to which he could be lured like Tiffany’s, California Dreamers, Lido’s, Thymes, and Excalibur where other women would come to assist her in spying on the witness . Many other new girls would come with in an unending supply from a different source: the palaces of the Arab Petro-Emirs .

This activity of five years was brought to an end by the outcome of the war in Lebanon when the Israelis surprisingly suffered a shameful defeat at the hands of the underdog Hezbollah. Suddenly, events took a completely new course: Jocelyne Beaini retracted her story, not without considerable fear, and confessed to a completely different version. She brought in two females, a Canadian by the name of Carla Chaptini and a Lebanese woman called Samar Raheb. Beaini said they both work for the CIA and that the organization was behind the spy plan from the beginning, and that their contact is a diplomat in the visa section of the US Embassy in Lebanon who is an admirer of Samar and who is ready to facilitate visas for anyone for her.


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