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Patriot Front isn't the Feds

17 May 2023

This is most likely an International Banker operation to further divide the United States and create the Multipolar World.

The white nationalist group Patriot Front – an offshoot of Vanguard America – is led by Thomas Ryan Rousseau. The group was formed in the aftermath of the deadly ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Why do some claim the Patriot Front is an FBI sting operation?

A few days after the Patriot Front demonstration in D.C., podcast host Joe Rogan suggested that the marchers might actually be federal agents in disguise. "They just pop up outta nowhere with the same sized flags, the same outfits, goose-stepping ... in an orderly line? Who organized this? ... I'm calling bulls--t," he said. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) expressed a similar theory, arguing that real right-wing protesters would never cover their faces the way the Patriot Front marchers did. Other outlets and individuals, including right-wing news site The Gateway Pundit, echoed these claims after the arrests in Idaho. Coeur D'Alene Police Chief Lee White told reporters emphatically that the men his officers arrested were not "FBI in disguise."

Patriot Front is a well-funded organization for travel expenses, and nothing says ‘outlaw’ more than twinkies (matching outfits). If these were a bunch of rednecks, then they would look more like the old guy with the beer belly pictured below.

I do think the Feds will have some of their people in the group to monitor Patriot Front’s activities, but this has the smell of an international banker operation aimed at dividing the US.

If it’s not the FBI, then who’s the likely culprit(s) behind Patriot Front?

  • Israel

  • Russia

  • Democrat/Communist Operatives


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