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ShadowGate: Russian-Israeli Disinfo Operation

15 Aug 2023

General James Jones established the consulting firms Ironhand Security LLC and Jones Group International LLC. The firms have worked for foreign governments, including Saudi Arabia. After the murder of Jamal Khashoggi by the Saudi regime, Jones downplayed his firms' work with the Saudi government and said that the remaining contract with them was about to expire. However, Jones's firms subsequently expanded its partnership with the Saudi regime.

Gen. James Jones and Gen. Michael Hayden do not own Wikistrat. Paul Manafort, Rodger Stone, and Rick Gates are just mid-level political operatives doing the bidding of a foreign government, namely the UK and Israel. Alex Jones, Patrick Bergy, or Millie Weaver never mentions these companies ties to Israel’s Unit 8200, Henry Kissinger, Oleg Deripaska, or Nathiel Rothschild.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard the words “Talpiot Program” or “Unit 8200” cross the lips of Alex Jones?

Why would Alex Jones lie about who owns Wikistrat and Psy-Group?

Joel Zamel is an Australian-Israeli owner of private intelligence and political analysis agencies which offer forecasting simulations, wargaming, influence operations, social media campaigns, private investment brokering and election campaign strategy. Such firms include Wikistrat, Joel Zamel Investment Group (JZIG), White Knight, and Psy-Group, an agency specializing in social media influence operations.

In 2015, Wikistrat spent a week running scenarios called the Cyber Mercenaries project on how a U.S. election interference campaign could be made by Russian cyber actors which was reported to Donald Trump Jr in 2016. Psy-Group formed a partnership with Cambridge Analytica to jointly bid for contracts with the US after the 2016 Trump election win.

On April 5, 2019, the Senate Intelligence Committee sent a letter to Walter Soriano, USG Security Ltd. based in Britain and Israel, for his communication with Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Psy-Group, Wikistrat, and Black Cube, Orbis Business Intelligence (co-founded by Christopher Steele).

Maybe Alex is covering for his boss?

In March 2018 it became public by Christopher Wylie, that Cambridge Analytica's first activities were founded on a data set, which its parent company SCL bought 2014 from a company named Global Science Research founded by Aleksandr Kogan. Kogan and his team developed the app, named "This Is Your Digital Life," that allowed Cambridge Analytica to collect personal details of allegedly 80 million Facebook users.


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