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The History of Sacrificing Jews on the Alter of Zionism

Mauschel is an article written and published by Theodor Herzl in 1897.[1][2][3] The text appeared in his newspaper, Die Welt, which was to become the principal outlet for the Zionist movement down to 1914,[4] and was published roughly a month after the conclusion of the First Zionist Congress.[5]

Herzl believed that there were two types of Jews, Jiden (Yids) and Juden (Jews),[6][a] and considered any Jew who openly opposed his proposals for a Zionist solution to the Jewish question to be a Mauschel.[b] The article has often been taken, since its publication, to be emblematic of an antisemitic strain of thinking in Zionism, and has been described as an antisemitic rant.[9][6][10]

Antisemitism for Herzl indeed had its uses, however painful. In his play The New Ghetto (1894)[l] Herzl has the Rabbi Friedheimer remark: "Antisemitism isn't all bad. As the movement gains force, I observe a return to religion. Antisemitism is a warning to us to stand together, not to abandon the God of our fathers, as many have done.".[30][m] While repudiating religion, Herzl's programme can be read as a secular redemption of traditional Jewish religious messianism.[31]


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