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This Jewish Rabbi owns PornHub

ALBAWABA - A piece of news about a specific Rabbi named Solomon Friedman caused quite a stir on social media platforms amid users finding out that the individual currently owns one of the top porn websites on earth PornHub. 

According to Stratokru, Solomon's "excuse" for owning such a site while being a rabbi is to "make it a better place," by removing content that includes underage individuals doing heinous acts and pedophilia. He found the only way this would improve is by demanding age verification from users who would want to post on the notorious website.

Stratokru added that Friedman doesn't want people to know one simple yet crucial thing about making a porn site a "better place" which is that, verification is just a license and the individuals who happen to be underage will allegedly still be able to post like nothing has changed. 

Users took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to comment their concerns on the matter and added: 

"Why does a rabbi own ALL TOP SIX P*rn sites?" 

"They want to poison our minds." 

"Because he is worshipping money he has no moral standard." 

Many said that the reason Soloman is the owner of a site of this caliber is because he's a "money worshipper" and doesn't really "care about what happens to the individuals on the website and the ones consuming it as long as there's money in it." 

Nine months ago, Friedman reposted a LinkedIn post that said, "This week on "The Sensuous Sounds Of INFOSEC," Raphael Fiedler and I talk to a small business owner...Solomon Friedman of Ethical Capital Partners-- the outfit that recently purchased MindGeek. You know-- the little company that operates PORNHUB, among many others.

A photo circulating on social media linked many Jews who allegedly own porn sites and dating applications including Al Goldstein, Joel Simkhai, Stephane Pacaud, and more. 

According to The New Drug, the industry is as huge as ever and is unfortunately striving despite the negatives that come with porn including: 

  • Negatively impacting real relationships 

  • Harms sexual functions 

  • Hurts the brain 

  • Fuels mental health issues 

January 25th 2024


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