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Vivek Ramaswamy, his fake World Economic Forum Lawsuit-settlement and full details of the big pharma racket that made his family millions

Ramaswamy has no realistic chance of winning the Republican nomination, let alone the Presidency, in 2024. But he’s self-funded his campaign to the tune of $15 million in ill-gotten riches, and has essentially purchased a cult following among Republican voters. The GOP has the fallacious image of being against mRNA injections and “the establishment.” Yet voters are flocking to Ramaswamy, who is not only a big pharma executive himself, but also deals directly in the mRNA racket.

September 21st 2023

All politicians are nauseating and not worth sweating over. But it’s our job as journalists to present the facts about Ramaswamy herein, and allow you to use them as you wish.


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